Power Distribution


Transmission Lines

Underground Utilities

Signals & Street Lights


Who We Are

United We Stand Divided We Fall

IBEW 70 outside electrical workers local. We employ lineman, sub-stations techs, cable splicers, operators, street light techs and grounds man.

We offer apprenticeship programs where you get training and learn while you get paid to work.

We support the cause of human justice, human rights and human security. We refuse and will always refuse to accept or tolerate dictatorship, or oppression of any kind.

This brotherhood will continue to oppose Communism, Nazism or any other subversive "ism". We will support our God, our Nation and our Union.

Industries Served

  • Power Distribution
  • Transmission
  • Underground
  • Sub-Stations
  • Wind Farms
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Storm Restoration
  • Signals & Street Lights

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